I’m Robert Tesalona, better known as Rob, Bobby, Bobcat, Bobmeister General and even Bobbatron 3000 to many and currently a Frontend Developer at Pulselive.

I was previously a HTML5 Developer at Saatchi & Saatchi, freelancing as a rich media developer, a Creative Technologist at TBWA\London and the Lead Developer at Collective UK for about 3 years where I was shortlisted for the Unsung Hero Of The Year Award at the 2015 IPA Media Owner Awards before that.

Originally a Flash developer working in agencies both big and small with 10 years experience, I’ve made the transition over to HTML along with the rest of the industry.

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Extra-curricular activities in no particular order include:

  • Music – listening/watching/playing/recording
  • Gaming
  • Amateur hiking
  • Watching stand-up comedy
  • Darts – Currently out of practice but nearing Liquid Consistency
  • App ideas
  • IPAs